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About us

Only those who want to help others would create a service like that. This is precisely the reason why we launched our website back in 2008.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to being an industry leading educational resource provider. It is our firm belief that by providing our services we help students resolve their academic difficulties and achieve their ambitions.

Who and how do we hire

We do not hire just anybody to be part of our writing team. The experts must pass through rigorous testing (both language and knowledge of the field for which they apply) and prove they can handle the amount of work and responsibility we expect from them.

Here's what an applicant must do to be hired by us:
  • Step 1. Language test

    It is imperative for our writers to pass the Language Test, which is developed specifically for our niche. Only after the writer has proven that their language skills are strong enough to be an academic writer can they perform the next test.

  • Step 2. Writing test

    The candidate must complete a test assignment within a given time on a particular topic. The testing is to prove they are fit to be an academic writer and work with serious topics as well as their professional skills such as following the instructions and delivering the order on time.

  • Step 3. Hiring

    After the writer has provided sufficient proof of their skills, they are allowed access to active orders and can start working with Quality Assurance keeping a close eye on their performance.